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Precision Wound Filter Cartridges
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Precision Wound Filter Cartridges

Texflow precision wound depth filter cartridges are manufactured to give a considerable dirt holding capacity coupled with high flow rates and low pressure drop. Texflow elements can, under certain conditions, be back-washed, but are generally treated as "disposable" elements. Texflow elements are manufactured to ISO 9002 quality standards in our modern, purpose built, factory. This ensures reproducibility of product, first calss performance and competitive pricing.

Texflow elements consist of a perforated support core of plastic or metal onto which yarn is wound at a pre-set rate, providing each rating of element with its own distinctive winding pattern and performance. During the winding process the yarn is usually brushed (or napped). This has the effect of increasing the working area of the elements thus providing a higher dirt holding capacity whilst maintaining the rigid structure.
Carboflow Cartridges
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Carboflow Cartridges

Carboflow granular activated carbon cartridges contain a broad band adsorbent (typically 250g/10" length). The major application for these elements is the removal of chlorine, taste and odour from process water and organics removal in process liquids. Elements are constructed to provide compatibility with a wide variety of liquids and gases. When required the carbon can be impregnated with silver to reduce bacterial build up.
Radial flow elements consist of a bed of high grade activated carbon sandwiched between porous inner and outer sleeves which help prevent carbon migration.
In the end flow version, the outer sleeve is porous only at the bottom.
This forces the liquid to flow through the entire carbon bed (typically 350g/10 inch length) to exit at the top. This results in the maximum contact time between liquid and carbon. For domestic water applications the carbon cloth element offers both filtration down to 5 micron as well as removing chlorine. Carboflow shells can be filled with ion exchange resins for use in ultra pure water systems and for precious metals recovery from plating solutions. For optimum life and performance we would recommend a maximum flow rate of 10 litres/minute for the radial flow cartridge and 5 litre/minute for the end flow and cloth versions.
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Improved Performance
The TurboClean advanced design (patent pending) provides improved performance over the standard cage wrap sanitary design.

Ultra Clean Operation
The standard cage or net wrap design traps microbes in the outer mesh. TurboClean completely eliminates dead spaces that can trap microbiological organisms. This new technology includes:
  • Single piece TurboClean outer shell
  • Elimination of brine seals
  • Special manufacturing technique that eliminates end seal stagnant areas
  • Exclusion of fiberglass or adhesive tapes that can leach organic materials
  • A new generation of parallel design feedspacers to reduce fouling and improve cleaning and sanitization.
Turbo Action
The TurboClean design provides for greater turbulence in the bypass flow. This high velocity vortex flow results in a constant scrubbing of the exterior of the membrane element.

Superior control of bypass flow
Machined to strict tolerances to produce precise bypass flow characteristics. This design eliminates the inconsistent bypass flow rates inherent in the cage wrap element designs.

Stronger construction
The hard polypropylene outer shell protects the membrane from damage and provides superior structural strength to the element when exposed to high differential pressure loads.

Easier loading
Precision manufactured design allows for easier element loading and unloading of pr3essure vessels without field modification.

Faster cleaning and sanitization
Elements may be easily cleaned and sanitized in place, resulting in less plant down time and reduced operating expense.

More effective cleaning and sanitization
Improves the distribution of cleaning and sanitizing agents, resulting in better cleaning and lower microbial levels. The elimination of brine seals allows systems to be cleaned in reverse direction (Brine to Feed)

Hot water sanitizable
Can also be ordered with optional high temperature construction and polysulfone components, making it hot water sanitizable.

Better appearance
The TurboClean's superior appearance inspires confidence in product quality.
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