Product Name: Water Conditioner
Style no. 3600 QC
  • Positive, Automatic 6-Cycle Regeneration Programe Times, performs and resets (1) upflow backwash (2) downflow brining (3) downflow slow rinse (4) upflow rapid rinse (5) brine tank fill and (6) downflow service. Efficient 6-cycle regeneration provides maximum salt efficiency and minimum w3ater consumption.
  • Rugged Premium Quality Construction Features for domestic and light commercial applications; strong, durable solid brass valve body.
  • Quick-Connect Mounting Valve mounts with just two screws at the tank, two at the inlet and outlet ports.
  • Solid Brass Construction Quality brass valve body assures long life with no cracks or leaks.
  • Simple Installation Cuts Softener Assembly Costs
  • Quick Accurate Adjustments For all water conditions speed field installation, reduce errors.
  • "Up-Front" Convenient Control Display
  • Fleck Model 3600's Exclusive Brining System Timed brine making insures consistent salt usage every regeneration cycle; keeps salt consumption at a minimum.